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TALKING BAY 94 is the first Star Wars podcast solely devoted to interviews with the cast, crew and creators from a galaxy far, far away.

Join host Brandon Wainerdi (huge DVD special feature dork), for a weekly deep dive into some never-before-heard stories from the set and Skywalker Ranch. From background aliens to some of the biggest stars in the universe, TB94 will be trying to talk to them all, every Wednesday.

(And if someone has George Lucas’ cell phone number, please pass it along.)

Mar 18, 2020

Today I’m talking to Steve Sansweet, Chairman and President of Rancho Obi-Wan and former Fan Relations advisor for Lucasfilm.

From the writing of the Star Wars Encyclopedia to QVC shows to columns in the Star Wars Insider to the setting up the famous Rose Parade, we dive deep into Mr. Sansweet’s incredible history...

Mar 15, 2020

Today I’m talking to Admiral Garrick Versio himself, Mr. Anthony Skordi from Star Wars Battlefront II.

This is a quick conversation about his work on the game, his experience in the mo-cap suit, and his latest project. It’s a good one! (And, yeah, let’s get this Mandalorian Season 2 rumor going, huh?)

For more...

Feb 26, 2020

Today I’m talking to creature concept designer, Jake Lunt Davies, all about his work on the most recent Star Wars movies.

From helping to design BB-8 and the Luggabeast in THE FORCE AWAKENS, the Porgs and Thala Sirens in THE LAST JEDI, Pao in ROGUE ONE, collaborating with his daughter for SOLO and, of course, working...

Feb 12, 2020

Today I’m talking to an absolute effects legend: 9-time Academy Award winner … Dennis Muren.

This is honestly a dream come true and our conversation did not disappoint: from the landmark achievements of original trilogy's space battles, the Temple of Doom's mine car chase, Willow's morphing, Terminator 2's liquid...

Feb 5, 2020

Today, I’m talking to TyRuben Ellingson, Visual Effects Art Director who has worked on a ton of projects, including the Star Wars: A New Hope (Special Edition).

Whether breaking his arm on Jurassic Park or drawing floating Jabbas, we dive into his story and career … and what George Lucas really said in that...