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Super Kaiju presents TALKING BAY 94: the first Star Wars podcast solely devoted to interviews with the cast, crew and creators from a galaxy far, far away.

Join host Brandon Wainerdi (editor-in-chief and huge DVD special feature dork), for a weekly deep dive into some never-before-heard stories from the set and Skywalker Ranch. From background aliens to some of the biggest stars in the universe, TB94 will be trying to talk to them all, every Wednesday.

(And if someone has George Lucas’ cell phone number, please pass it along.)

Jun 12, 2019

Today I’m talking to Bill Kimberlin, who started at Industrial Light & Magic as a Visual Effects Editor on Return of the Jedi, working alongside Ken Ralston, on the infamous SB-19 shot … dubbed the most complicated VFX shot in motion picture history

We go through the history of ILM, the stories behind the movies and...

Jun 5, 2019

This is my conversation with Kevin J. Anderson, one of the most prolific Star Wars authors of all time. From the beginnings of the expanded universe to Darksaber and the Young Jedi Knights series, we really go through the history of those original Bantman books.

And we talk some Dune, of course.

His latest epic novel,...

May 29, 2019

Today we're talking with Mike Quinn, puppeteer and creature performer. From Jabba the Hutt’s eyes to Sy Snootles to Nien Nunb returning and then surviving to the end of The Last Jedi, we talk about it all.

I’ve been wanting Mr. Quinn on the show since the very beginning so it is SO exciting to have him on today....

May 22, 2019

This is my special LIVE FROM JABBA'S PALACE conversation with previous guests Gerald Home (Tessek and a Mon Calamari officer) and Simon J. Wiliamson (Max Rebo and a Gamorrean Guard). 

We got to talk to them again, this time in person, to tell some of our favorite stories, as well as quite a few new ones in this special...