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TALKING BAY 94 is the first Star Wars podcast solely devoted to interviews with the cast, crew and creators from a galaxy far, far away.

Join host Brandon Wainerdi (huge DVD special feature dork), for a weekly deep dive into some never-before-heard stories from the set and Skywalker Ranch. From background aliens to some of the biggest stars in the universe, TB94 will be trying to talk to them all, every Wednesday.

(And if someone has George Lucas’ cell phone number, please pass it along.)

Apr 29, 2020

You may know Sam Witwer as Starkiller from THE FORCE UNLEASHED and, of course, the voice of Maul in THE CLONE WARS, REBELS and SOLO.

But, right before we talked (just a few days before the first episode of THE SIEGE OF MANDALORE premiered), he tweeted "this may be the best thing we've ever done", so we had to talk about...

Apr 26, 2020

This May is the two year anniversary of TALKING BAY 94, so, as a special bonus episode, I have invited on my very first guest, Corey Dee Williams, as well as his manager, Derek Maki from Coolwaters Productions, who made those first interview even possible.

Check out some new stories from the both of them, and thank...

Apr 22, 2020

Duwayne Dunham is an editor, a director .... and he is the original, original Boba Fett.

Whether working with Marcia Lucas, watching Eraserhead with Stanley Kubrick or his multiple decade working relationship with David Lynch, I was blown away by the talent and enthusiasm that Mr. Dunham has for his art, during this...

Apr 15, 2020

Roger Guyett is a Visual Effects Supervisor and Second Unit Director at Industrial Light and Magic.

From the early Harry Potter films to the models of Revenge of the Sith to his relationship with JJ Abrams over 5 films, we go through his journey to The Force Awakens, The Rise of Skywalker and so, so much more.