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TALKING BAY 94 is the first Star Wars podcast solely devoted to interviews with the cast, crew and creators from a galaxy far, far away.

Join host Brandon Wainerdi (huge DVD special feature dork), for a weekly deep dive into some never-before-heard stories from the set and Skywalker Ranch. From background aliens to some of the biggest stars in the universe, TB94 will be trying to talk to them all, every Wednesday.

(And if someone has George Lucas’ cell phone number, please pass it along.)

May 18, 2022

Today's interview is with Derek Arnold, an incredible creature performer and puppeteer, who helped bring to life so many wonderful aliens in the recent Star Wars films. From Pao to the Thala Siren to the Luggabeast, the list goes on and on.

As mentioned, here is me and Derek's first ever interview from 2018 (right...

May 11, 2022

Mike Chen is an incredible author whose newest novel, Star Wars: Brotherhood is one of my favorite new canon books in recent memory. We dive into his career, his process, and his work on this incredibly important piece of the saga!

Thank you so much again to Mr. Chen for taking the time and being so open with his...

May 4, 2022

Danny Wagner is a model maker, makeup artist and more for the prequel trilogy. From the Star Wars Special Editions to working on the podracers to working on George Lucas’ cameo in Revenge of the Sith, Mr. Wagner’s stories are truly mind-blowing.

We will have a live panel at Star Wars Celebration, at 11AM on Friday...

Apr 20, 2022

Brian Muir is an incredibly talented sculptor, who worked for decades in the film industry, and especially on the original Star Wars, on Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Death Star droids and so much more.

But that is not all: learn about his involvement in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, James Bond, and many many...

Apr 13, 2022

Today, I’m talking to Toby Longworth, an incredible actor and comedian, who voiced Lott Dodd and Gragra in The Phantom Menace.

Mr. Longworth’s stories and charm are absolutely incredible, and this interview is one of my favorites ever. I hope you enjoy it.

For more information about his work, as well as to...