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TALKING BAY 94 is the first Star Wars podcast solely devoted to interviews with the cast, crew and creators from a galaxy far, far away.

Join host Brandon Wainerdi (huge DVD special feature dork), for a weekly deep dive into some never-before-heard stories from the set and Skywalker Ranch. From background aliens to some of the biggest stars in the universe, TB94 will be trying to talk to them all, every Wednesday.

(And if someone has George Lucas’ cell phone number, please pass it along.)

Dec 1, 2021

Today I'm joined by the wonderful Scott Squires, who might be known to Star Wars fans as one of the three groundbreaking Visual Effects Supervisors for The Phantom Menace.

His career is inspiring and really incredible, ranging from working with Douglas Trumbull on Close Encounters of the Third Kind (where he developed the Cloud Tank Effect) and receiving Academy Award nominations for The MaskDragonheart, and, of course, Episode I.

Audio is a little funky on my end, since I was moving studios at the time, so please bear with us! It's a fantastic conversation.

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